Weidestraße 135
22083 Hamburg, Gernamy
+49 40 – 98769751

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday

12–17 pm

Meeting only with appointment


I’m glad you’re with us!

Welcome to our tattoo studio in Hamburg. We understand tattooing as art and not as a service. Here we focus on quality and not on quantity. For you this means: Every tattoo is individually made by us and not stitched a second time.
With 16 national and international tattoo artists – and lots of fun with art – we create your own unique tattoo.

We offer you a selection of Realistic, Dotwork, Oldschool, Surerealistic, Blackwork, Popart, Semirealistic, Portrait and Comic Art.


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Oh, wow. What a amazing tattoo studio !!!! One feels from beginning to end pudelwohl. The location and the people are the absolute madness. At the best I would have moved in immediately. I come back in any case.

Super nice team, top advice and really great works of art …. a very special thanks goes to Britta

Super nice and talented team! For me the best studio in Hamburg. A thousand thanks for this wonderful art, which I can now carry on me forever!

Professionalism, cordiality and ambience can hardly be surpassed.
In addition, there is the possibility to catch guest tattoo artists from all over the world here in addition to the good residents.
Definitely an enrichment for the German tattoo landscape!

Competent appearance of the tattoo artist, well prepared and clean workplaces fit into the image of the serious studio.


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