Simply Uglyful

Simply Uglyful

Simply Uglyful

Simply Uglyful aka. Nickel tattoos since 2020 at Inkformal Tattoo. He stings exclusively his own “Vulva Unikate” and this in the Handpoke style. For an appointment write him a message on Instagram.

Home: Hamburg,Germany
Tattoo style: Ignorant
Before tattooing worked as: Groom
Started tattooing at: 29
Since when have you been tattooing: 2020
What don’t you tattoo: 3 D tattoos
Favorite food: Lasagna
Describe yourself: Insanely done


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Make an appointment:
The appointment is made with written confirmation of the date and time of the tattoo appointment.

The content of the contract consists of:
the discussed motive and/or the basic idea of the customer.
the adherence to our entire ABGs.
Change requests of the customer, after contract conclusion, can lead to the rejection of the project on the part of the tattoo artist. Each tattoo artist can define these himself.

Age of majority:
Customers who are under 18 years of age will be rejected by Inkformal Tattoo.

The customer commits himself to Inkformal Tattoo to disclose all diseases when making an appointment. Be it for self-protection and or protection of the tattoo artist.

Cancellation of appointment:
Inkformal Tattoo allows the customer a telephone, (by telephone only in direct conversation) or written appointment postponement at the latest 48 hours before the appointment begins.
If appointments are cancelled or postponed after this period, the advance payment made by Inkformal Tattoo will be withheld completely and therefore forfeited. If a new appointment is requested by the customer, the deposit must be paid repeatedly.
If an appointment is cancelled or postponed less than 24 hours before the start of the appointment, the entire daily rate or the price of the tattoo will be charged by Inkformal Tattoo. The same applies in case of non-appearance.
Exceptions can only be approved by the owner Dennis Baukau, or the manager Britta Keck.
In the case of multiple postponements, Inkformal Tattoo reserves the right to cancel the contract and/or to offset the down payment against the additional work done. Until the expiry of the down payment.

Deposit Refund
With conclusion of the contract the deposit of Inkformal Tattoo is accepted. With punctual date cancellation the customer receives a coupon. The customer has no right to a payment of the paid amount.

Price of the tattoo:
The price of the tattoo cannot be fixed exactly at a meeting. The price mentioned represents a guideline value. Among other things also daily rate prices are called.
The customer has no right to a free completion of the tattoo, should the mentioned price be exceeded.

Cold – not tattooable condition:
If the customer appears in a not tattooable condition at his appointment, this will not be tattooed. Inkformal Tattoo will then charge for the tattoo session. Furthermore, the deposit expires.
Not tattooable:

Illness, like e.g. a cold
Under the influence of narcotics.
Under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
In extremely unhygienic condition, e.g. dirty work clothing
Under the influence of blood thinning drugs such as Asperin, ASS, Marcumar, etc..
During pregnancy
During breastfeeding

The judgement about the condition of the customer is left to each tattoo artist.

EC payment
No EC payment is possible with us.

Cover-up Warranty
Inkformal Tattoo can not guarantee that a cover-up tattoo covers the tattoo to be covered one hundred percent.
Furthermore, it can come to interaction between the already existing colors under the skin and the new color components. This can, among other things, cause swelling, inflammation and/or redness and lead to a change in the desired tattoo result. Inkformal Tattoo is not liable for this. It can happen that a cover-up takes more time than previously planned. This can result in higher costs. Also for this Inkformal Tattoo takes over no liability.

Healing problems
Should there be any problems during the healing phase, Inkformal Tattoo must be contacted immediately. If it should come to inflammations, scarring or to the other injury of the Tattoos, which are to be led back to carelessness by the customer, no adhesion is taken over.

6 weeks Inspection date/Reproofing
Inkformal Tattoo provides the customer with a free tattoo re-piercing, under the following conditions:
The customer has to attend an inspection date 6 weeks after the inspection date. This has to be agreed by the customer beforehand. The tattoo must be maintained optimally. (See Pfeleanleitung in the FAQ) The judgement of an optimally maintained tattoo lies with the respective tattoo artist.

Clothes dirty:
Inkformal Tattoo would like to point out that during the tattooing process clothes, as well as footwear can be irrevocably soiled. The customer has no right to compensation.

Vouchers can be purchased at Inkformal Tattoo. They will not be paid out. This is also valid for partial amounts.