Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

An appointment will only be made in connection with a deposit.
The delivery of the deposit represents a contract with the customer and the desired tattoo artist.

The content of the contract consists of:
the discussed motive and/or the basic idea of the customer.
compliance with all our AGBs.
Changed requests of the customer, after contract conclusion, can lead to the rejection of the project on the part of the tattoo artist. Each tattoo artist can define this himself.

Age of majority:
Customers who have not yet reached the age of 18 will be rejected by Inkformal Tattoo.

The customer commits himself towards Inkformal Tattoo to disclose all diseases when making an appointment. Be it for self-protection and or protection of the tattoo artist.

Inkformal Tattoo allows the customer to postpone an appointment by telephone (by telephone only in a direct conversation) or in writing at least 48 hours before the appointment begins.
If appointments are cancelled or postponed after this period, the advance payment will be withheld by Inkformal Tattoo and will be forfeited. If a new appointment is requested by the customer, the deposit must be paid again.
If an appointment is cancelled/delayed less than 24 hours before the start of the appointment, the entire daily rate or the price of the tattoo will be charged by Inkformal Tattoo. The same applies to non-appearance.
Exceptions can only be approved by the owner Dennis Baukau.
In the event of multiple postponements, Inkformal Tattoo reserves the right to cancel the contract and/or to offset the deposit against the additional work performed. Until the expiry of the deposit.

Deposit Refund:
With conclusion of the contract the deposit of Inkformal Tattoo is accepted. With punctual date cancellation the customer receives a coupon. The customer has no right to a payment of the paid amount.

Price of the tattoo:
The price of the tattoo cannot be determined exactly at a meeting. The mentioned price represents a guideline value. Among other things also daily rate prices are stated.
The customer has no right to a free completion of the tattoo should the mentioned price be exceeded.

Cold – not tattooable condition:
If the customer should appear in a not tattooable condition to his/her appointment, he/she will not be tattooed. Inkformal Tattoo will then charge for the tattoo session. Furthermore, the deposit expires.

Not tattooable:

disease, such as colds
under the influence of narcotics
under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
in extremely unhygienic condition, e.g. dirty work clothing
under the influence of blood thinning drugs such as Asperin, ASS, Marcumar, etc.
in case of pregnancy
when breastfeeding
The evaluation about the condition of the customer is left to each tattoo artist himself.

EC Payment
No EC payment is possible.

Cover-up Warranty:
Inkformal Tattoo cannot guarantee that a cover-up tattoo covers the tattoo to be covered one hundred percent.
Furthermore, there can be interaction between the already existing colours under the skin and the new colour components. This can, among other things, cause swelling, inflammation and/or redness and lead to a change in the desired tattoo result. Inkformal Tattoo does not assume any liability for this. It can happen that a cover-up takes more time than previously planned. This can result in higher costs. Also for this Inkformal Tattoo takes over no liability.

Healing problems:
If problems emerge during the healing phase, Inkformal Tattoo has to be contacted immediately.
If inflammations, scarring or other injuries of the tattoo occur, which result from the carelessness of the customer, no liability is taken.
6 weeks Check-Up Appointment / Touch-Up
Inkformal Tattoo grants the customer a free touch-up of the tattoo, under the following conditions:
The customer has to attend an check-up appointment 6 weeks after the regular tattoo appointment.
This is to be agreed upon beforehand by the customer. The tattoo must be maintained optimally. (See care instructions in the FAQ) The evaluation of an optimally maintained tattoo lies with the tattoo artist.
Dirty Clothing
Inkformal Tattoo would like to point out, that clothing, as well as footwear can get irrevocably dirty during the tattoo process. The customer has no compensation claim.

Coupons can be purchased at Inkformal Tattoo. They cannot be paid out. This also applies to partial amounts.


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