Guest tattooers! Why, why, why?

Guest tattooers! Why, why, why?

We are often asked. “Why do you have guest tattooists?” – sometimes we ask ourselves the same question. Because what many do not see is that one or even several weeks with guest tattooers are very exhausting. That already starts with the preparation.

We want everyone to have a nice time in our studio. In order for this to work, we constantly try to improve ourselves and give our guests the feeling of being at home. Not an easy task with 12 guest tattoo artists, but manageable. We have to book hotels, find the right customers, advertise, buy groceries and much more. Many hours pass until one guest tattoo artist is provided to spend beautiful and creative days with us.
When the tattoo artist finally arrives, it’s time for us to go to the airport.
St. Petersburg, Zurich, Porto and Rostow am Dom are just a few of the cities the tattoo artists come from. Once we’re in the studio, the workstations are distributed and set up, the schedule is synchronized and checked. Afterwards the evening program starts, as we also take care of our guests the work is done.


No matter how late it gets in the evening, the next morning we get out of bed at 7am and prepare for the day. After all, an artist needs a good breakfast to keep up the long working days. Then the usual studio madness begins. When the last customer has left, which can happen at 11 o’clock at night, Britta has already cooked dinner. After the dinner the shop is cleaned up. Then they go home in the early hours of the morning and go straight to bed.
Such a day goes by way too fast, although usually we are in the shop from 9 am until midnight or later. Eye rings and zero private life are inevitable. And why do we do this to ourselves? Well, because it is a lot of fun to have a bunch of like-minded people together! Because to survive as a tattoo artist, you must have endless humor.

Meanwhile we have 12 regular guest tattooists who like to visit us. Everyone takes something for himself when he leaves again. Not that they steal from us, no. You grow with your deeds and experiences – and being a guest tattoo artist with us is an experience for everyone involved. The versatility of art, of creative minds, is boundless. The productivity of the artists is pushed by other artists. Chaos? In any case!


Nevertheless, we are looking forward to every single one of our gang. It is an honour for us to be able to work with such talented artists and to have so much fun at work. Just because we all love art under our skin and everyone can live out this love. The tattooists we welcome all say the same thing: “No matter how good and or known you are, a guest spot will take you further. You always learn something new!

And what do our guest tattooists say why they like to visit us so much?

“Cause the breakfast is good”.Dave Paulo

“Bacause you are the best! Like friends and you can bring together really talened people. It`s like a family…so i’m very pleased to get and work in your studio”.Aleksandr Noir

“Because you’re top guys and the food taste so good .”Karl Frey

“Cause you guys have food”.Sasha O’Kharin

“Because the Studio has a warm family atmosphere, prefessional tattooartist, always clean and stylish it is very important! And of course very tasty dinners!”.U-Gene

“Because you very professional, your work and talent inspire me and you treat customers in a lovely way, same as you treat me when i come as a guest”.Sandra Osorno