Levgen Knysch

Levgen Knysch

Levgen Knysch

Levgen Knysh is our guest from the 16th til the 24th of november.

Before he started tattooing, he worked as a dentist. But he had no time for creative work. Now he travels all over the world as a guest tattoo artist and visits tattoo conventions. Most of the time he doesn’t just win one trophy for his semi-realistic, colorful tattoos, but more.He lives in Breslau and works there for “Voice of Ink”.

Home: Ukraine
Tattoo style: Realistic, illustrative realisim
Before being a tattoo artist, worked as: surgeon
Started tattooing with: 21 years
Since when do you tattoo? 2007
What don’t you tattoo: Political, religious, national socialist motifs
Favorite food: Breakfast at Inkformal Tattoo
Describe yourself: Do not look back.

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