Fabio Grillo

Fabio Grillo

Fabio Grillo

Fabio began his career in Cefalù Sicily, but from the very beginning he has always traveled around the world, trying to learn as much as possible about techniques,styles
and secret about this beautiful art.
He is mainly known for his unmistakable and unique freehand Polynesian style, but he is also a lover of ornamental dot work floral motifs, and American old school.

Home: Sicily-Italy
Tattoo style: ornamental postmodern Polynesian, mandala dot work, American old school , new traditional, color graphic.
Before being a tattoo artist : student in sculpture department on fine arts university
Started tattooing: 24
When did u start tattooing? 2007
What don’t u tattoo: people that want just have a tattoo .
Describe yourself: meticulous, charismatic, professional

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