Britta Keck

Britta Keck

Britta Keck

Britta has been working as a tattoo shop manager since 2011.In addition, she tattooed for 5 years . Before entering the tattoo bussines she learned cooking and still ensures that no tattoo artist in the store must go hungry. At Inkformal Tattoo Britta, among other things, is responsible for customer service. From the initial contact, to consultation appointments, to aftercare appointments, everything runs through her. When she tattoos everything revolves around lines and oldschool tattoos.

Profile Tattoo

Style: oldschool, linework, neotraditional Tattoo
Artist since: 2015
Shop management since: 2011
What tattoos you do not: Nazi Motivs
First profession: cook
Who do you not give appointments? People under 18, people with too firm basic ideas and stinkers.
Favorite food: Arancini, Jewish style artichokes, afregato, vitello tonato.
Describe yourself:Standing still is death.


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