From trash to class! From the horror store to our second home

From trash to class! From the horror store to our second home

Already years ago Dennis and I thought about the idea of opening our own tattoo studio. But as it is in life, there always happens something in between. Maybe we just didn’t have the courage. (If I would be asked now, I would have to answer with “yes”). Opening your own shop is not something you do by the way. At the end of 2016 the much-needed kick up the arse came, to realize our dream. That’s how the idea of Inkformal Tattoo was born.

We can finally realize ourselves. We didn’t want a studio that just works off its customers, creates mass-produced goods, has bells and whistles in the entrance area, and, and, and. Above all, we wanted to create a place where everyone felt comfortable and where the artists could freak out creatively. Six individual rooms should have our shop. A tattoo room, a hygiene area, an office, a kitchen, a storage room and an entrance area. For hygienic reasons alone we did not want to make any compromises.

So we looked around for a suitable store space. Since we wanted to stay true to our adopted home and open in Hamburg, it wasn’t that easy. For this reason we decided to visit the most run-down shop we had seen. One grows with one’s tasks and at least the number of required rooms was exactly right.

In the beginning there was chaos.





In the meantime, our nerves were worn out. We worked 6 weeks, from morning till late evening, without a day break. Some of us even without make-up (I). Fortunately, we have the best friends and families in the world who have supported us day after day, in every free minute. This way an absolute horror turned into – as we believe – a beautiful modern shop, where art is the most important.




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